Meet Demelza from our Property Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Penderlaw Solicitors are at the heart of our firm, what we do and the service we provide. In the third of our Meet the Team series of blog posts we introduce Demelza Dunstan, a solicitor in our Property team.  Demelza joined Penderlaw in September 2016, prior to which she had had a short time away from practice, teaching law at both degree and professional qualification levels. Demelza was also until very recently a Chief Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, which involves writing and reviewing exam papers.

Demelza prides herself on her technical ability, undertaking all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing, with a particular interest in complex transactions.

So, a few questions, some more sensible than others!

What’s the best thing about the job you do?
I enjoy my job – it is varied, challenging and very interesting.  Contrary to popular opinion, conveyancing is not easy and no two files are the same.

What has surprised you about the job you do?
I have been doing it for quite a long time, so not much surprises me now.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
From a teenager I wanted to be a solicitor. Before this, I wanted to be a seamstress or a gardener, but I can’t sew and get hay fever, so really a solicitor was all that was left!

Who do you most admire?
A tricky one – really not sure on this one but happy to accept suggestions!

What’s on your bucket list?
Lots – mostly holidays. I wanted to do Iceland, but not so sure at the moment because of the volcano, I’m definitely keen to seen the Norwejian Fjords.

Most famous person you have met / would most like to meet?
This is so bad, but I did sit in The Shire at Praze an Beeble, and Seb Coe (when he was the local MP), was sat on the table next door.  Now live in a house that was lived in, in the past, by Aphex Twin (a famous musician if you like 90s electronic music), but I have never met him!

What are you most proud of?
Very cliched and predictable, but my daughters (of course!).

What is the most unusual item in your desk drawer?
There is so much stuff in my drawers – mostly rubbish!! But I do have a ‘tap for a top up’ (cup of tea) bell on my desk.

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