At Penderlaw we are proud of our reputation as a straight-talking, friendly and efficient firm of solicitors. This approach naturally extends to our transparent pricing policy. Below you will find guidance on our fees, split by specialism. Whilst costs for some matters fall into our fixed price quote pricing structure, others may require a more tailored approach, and therefore are estimated or quoted individually. Costs detailed within the quotes we provide are broken down and explained in detail.

Pricing for matters relating to Disputes & Litigation

Costs for our Dispute Resolution Team are charged at an hourly rate, our hourly rates are detailed below.  As every Dispute is different, final costs depend on a number of variables such as your opponent, complexities, facts and the type of matter you intend to instruct us on. It is also important to note that certain cases will require different types of evidence in order to support your case, which only become known as the matter progresses. It is therefore difficult to provide a cost estimate but we will endeavour to keep you updated regularly with the costs of your matter. In order to commence work on your matter, we usually require £1,500 – £2,000 to be paid as monies on account of our fees, which is offset against work carried out on the file.  Please be aware that all communication will be charged for, so presenting information to us in a clear and organised and timely manner will enable us to work more efficiently and cost effectively on your matter.

Please note: The pricing list below is not an exhaustive list of the services we offer. Please call us on 01872 241408 or email if you require further clarification. Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and disbursements. All of our fees and the majority of our disbursements (excluding Court fees) attract VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Description of matterCost (excludes VAT)
Family Law 


From £1,500


This does not include the court application fee of £593 or consent order fee of £53.
Initial meeting£250+ VAT  (60 minute meeting). If a follow up letter of advice is required, the cost for this together with the initial meeting is £300 +VAT. Fees are charged hourly from £125 to £300 per hour, depending on the seniority and experience of the lawyer.
Possession actionCharged hourly from £125 to £300 per hour. Court fee £355.
Purchase or sale (does not include mortgage)From £700
Re-mortgageFrom £500
Equity release mortgageFrom £1,000
Advice and drafting on loan agreements and legal chargesQuoted for subject to complexity and urgency but a clear fee estimate will be given as soon as clear instructions are provided
Solicitors letter (one letter, any type of matter)From £250
Wills, Estates, POA & Trusts  
Simple Will


A Simple Will means that there are no complexities or inheritance tax issues to be considered.
From £350 individual


From £500 per couple
Flexible Wills


In most instances, a Flexible Will is more appropriate. Particularly if there are actual or potential complexities with the financial and personal circumstances of your chosen beneficiaries, or if your estate exceeds the current thresholds for inheritance tax.
From £1,250 individual


From £2,000 per couple
Obtaining Probate OnlyFrom £1,500
Probate with Administration of EstateFrom £4,000
Deeds of VariationFrom £1,000
Lifetime Trusts (Straightforward)From £1,500
Other deeds (such as dealing with family arrangements or agreements)Quoted for subject to complexity and urgency but a clear fee estimate will be provided given as soon as clear instructions are provided
Declarations of Trust dealing with shares in propertiesFrom £1,000
General or specific Power of Attorney (POA)From £350
Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)£750 per single document (multiple document discount available) + court fees of £82 per document.
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)£500 per single document (multiple document discount available) + court fees of £82 per document.
Living Will (also known as an advance decision or directive)£250
DeputyshipsCost as prescribed by the Court of Protection
Advice on Will, Trust, Estate and Capital Taxes PlanningCharged hourly from £175 to £300 per hour with clear estimates of the anticipated scope of work provided at the outset.
Advice and Management of Trusts and DeputyshipsCharged hourly from £175 to £300 per hour (depending on the seniority of the lawyer) with clear estimates of the anticipated scope of work provided at the outset.

Hourly Rates

Private Client

Robin PenderDirector ( and a Solicitor)£300 plus VAT
Leah ChenowethSolicitor£280 plus VAT
Lucy WiltonSolicitor£250 plus VAT
Rebecca MayChartered Legal Executive£175 plus VAT
Lucy ScoleyProbate Manager£175 plus VAT
Amy DavisLegal Assistant£175 plus VAT
Beth SadlerLegal Assistant£125 plus VAT
Alice VageTrainee Solicitor£200 plus VAT
Elizabeth PenderLegal Assistant £125 plus VAT


Robin PenderDirector ( and a Solicitor)£300 plus VAT
Rachel MacwilliamSolicitor£250 plus VAT
Melissa PolglaseSolicitor£250 plus VAT
Tegan PownallTrainee Solicitor£175 plus VAT
Claire LockwoodExecutive£250 plus VAT
Molly SleepLegal Assistant£125 plus VAT


Robin Pender Director ( and a Solicitor)£300 plus VAT
Samantha BellamyChartered Legal Executive£250 plus VAT
Demelza DunstanSolicitor£280 plus VAT
Claire GummowChartered Legal Executive£250 plus VAT
Shelby HansonLegal Assistant£150 plus VAT
Jennifer HarfootLegal Assistant£125 plus VAT
Dale TeobaldLegal Assistant£125 plus VAT


ItemCost (Excl. VAT)
OPG Registration fee£82 per LPA
Probate court fee£155 plus £.150 for additional copies of the Grant
Office copies HMLR£3
Bankruptcy searches£2

Conditional Fee Agreements
Disputes involving Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) may require clients to pay their own disbursements ( e.g. experts, travel, Counsel etc). These types of cases may also incur a success fee, which is charged as an uplift on our fees, payable from the client’s damages. In such matters, the client would be notified at the outset when they enter into the CFA. In general, CFAs are only offered on claimant personal injury cases, unless there are exceptional circumstances. The terms of our CFAs state that if there is a shortfall in the costs we have incurred on a matter and the costs we are able to recover from the other side, we are entitled to recover the shortfall from the client.

Court fees
Details of court fees can be found on the Government website.