The different roads to divorce

Many of our family law clients tend to have something in common; the desire to end their marriages and to achieve the best outcome possible. However, the length of time it takes them to reach the decision varies greatly.

Some want to divorce as soon as possible, perhaps reacting to a change in their relationship such as the discovery of adultery, or eagerness to move a subsequent relationship forward. Others have taken a much longer period of time to get to the stage of actually divorcing, even though they may already have been separated for many years.

In some cases, people have put off getting divorced for emotional reasons, perhaps not actually wanting to accept that the marriage is over. Others have not moved forward because they are anxious about the cost or apprehensive about the process and the final decision of who gets what.

There are various things which ideally need to be resolved as fairly and amicably as possible, whichever way the decision is reached. The most common worries that divorcing couples have tend to be custody of dependent children, uncertainty about where they will live and what will happen to the family home, along with how the family finances (including pensions) will be split. As well as all of this emotional turmoil, many divorcing couples are also understandably concerned and anxious about the length of the divorce process and the costs associated with it.

However and at whatever stage you reach the decision to actually get divorced, our team at Penderlaw will support you through the process and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you so that you can begin to move forward with your life, whilst being transparent about the costs.  You can find details of our pricing here.

If you are concerned about the various stages of a divorce, you might like to read a blog we posted earlier this year summarising the key stages of a divorce.

Divorcing during the coronavirus pandemic
We are still working during the coronavirus pandemic and there are things we can do to progress divorces during this time. Collating financial information to enable the financial disclosure required to reach a settlement in a divorce always takes some time, so it would make sense to use the current situation to gather that information together.   As a matter of course, family court judges prefer couples to resolve matters without involving the court. If this cannot be achieved and it is necessary to go to court, it is now possible for the court function to take place remotely via video link. At present, a physical presence at court hearings is only permitted in exceptional and urgent circumstances, and where a remote hearing is not possible.

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