Contentious Probate

Robin Pender

Contesting a Will

Contentious probate is a dispute about an inheritance or the validity of a Will. Put simply, it is a disagreement after someone has died about how their Estate will be distributed. It may arise from concerns about the way in which the Will was drawn up or sometimes someone feeling the Will didn’t leave them what they were promised or were expecting.

A sensitive approach at a difficult time

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult at the best of times. When a dispute arises over a loved one’s Estate, it can become almost too much to bear. Tensions can often rise over the terms or validity of a Will, the distribution of an Estate, or even broken promises.

At Penderlaw, we recognise that it is important to approach Contentious Probate with sensitivity and sympathy during a time which is already emotionally charged.

The law in this area is complicated but our experienced team know how to get you results.

Our experienced team know how to get you results

If you are worried about how a Will was made or are in any way concerned about how someone’s Estate is being distributed, our experienced team at Penderlaw will do our very best to help you.

We can help to obtain and protect your rightful inheritance or simply help put your mind at ease by finding out essential information.

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