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Wills, trusts and probate cover the area of law which deals with planning for later life, ensuring children are provided for and putting your affairs in order through a variety of processes.  This area of law is sometimes referred to as Private Client.

Perhaps never an easy thing to face up to, with many of us understandably guilty of putting such things to the back of our minds.

However, there is some comfort, reassurance and peace of mind to be gained in knowing that your affairs are taken care of after your death.  By sorting out your affairs now, you will avoid future problems, distress or anxiety for your loved ones in the future.


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We spend our lives working hard to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. You may have a property, savings, and investments as well as your personal and digital possessions. All of these assets make up your ‘Estate’. Making a Will ensures that when you die your Estate is shared according to your wishes. Everyone ought to have a Will, but it is especially important if you have children, if you own property, if you own a business or have investments, savings or insurance policies. For more information click here.


A Trust is a way of managing assets (money, investments, land or buildings) for people. There are different types of Trusts and they are taxed differently. To find out more click here.


Following the death of a loved one, Probate is often the term used to manage someone’s Estate (money, investments, land or buildings). Sometimes a formal ‘grant’ must be obtained from a court to enable their Estate to be collected in and divided between their beneficiaries. To find out more click here.

Key stages of Private Client matters

In terms of an approximate outline of the main stages involved when drafting legal documents such as Wills, Codicils, Advance Decisions, LPAs, all Trust documents, other Powers of Attorney, registering EPAs, Letters of Advice and Deeds of Variation, the key stages are as follows:

  • Preparing a draft of doc/advice based on your instructions and making any necessary amendments to the draft;
  • Preparing the final, approved doc ready for your signature if required;
  • Arranging for you to complete the final document by signing it;
  • Arranging registration of doc where required; and
  • Providing you with a copy and storing the original in this firm’s strong room for safe keeping, alongside your other papers.


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Further information about the key stages of Probate together with approximate timescales can be found here.

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