Meet Alice Vage, Solicitor at Penderlaw Solicitors

We’re proud of our team at Penderlaw Solicitors. Both knowledgeable and friendly, they are at the heart of our firm, what we do and the service we provide. In the first of our Meet the Team series of blog posts, we introduce Alice Vage from our Private Client team. The name Vage may be familiar to many who have lived in the county a while. Alice was born and grew up in Truro where her family ran Vage’s Jewellers, which was established in 1902 and sadly closed in 2006.

Alice works within the Private Client team at Penderlaw which deals with Wills, Trusts and Probate.  Her friendly, calm, and approachable nature puts clients at their ease and enables her to understand their needs, explain the legal processes involved whilst providing sound advice during difficult times.

In her spare time Alice is a keen runner, participating in many local running events, whatever the weather!  She also is a huge Harry Potter fan!

So, a few questions, some more sensible than others!

What’s the best thing about the job you do?
The aspect which always brings me the most pleasure is seeing the relief on a client’s face when they have made their Will, or being able to problem solve an issue which has been worrying them. People often worry about things for ages before they finally take the step of approaching a solicitor.   It’s so rewarding to be able to provide peace of mind to them so that they can relax and know that their affairs are in order.  

What has surprised you about the job you do?
I guess I would say human nature!  It’s quite common for people to come in to make a Will with the aim of cutting someone out.  We have to be sure that we are aware of all relatives who may have a claim on their Estate, and highlighting that simply not mentioning them at the time of making a Will doesn’t mean they wouldn’t necessarily have a claim later on.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
My family used to run Vage’s jewellers in Truro and my brother and I always wanted to work in the shop when we grew up.   We both vividly remember being furious with our parents when they sat us down as children and told us that they were going to close the business.  Then, when I was in Year 10 at Penair School, a judge came to speak to us about his job which made me think about a career in law.  I chose to do A level law at Truro College and my legal career began there.

Picture from 1912 after new shop windows were fitted showing Alice’s great-great grandad 2nd from left, looking exceedingly smart in a straw boater hat.

Who do you most admire?
I’d have to say my grandad.  He is the most hard working and moral person you could ever meet and I think I get my work ethic from him.  He was brave too and not averse to chasing thieves up the street now and again. My great grandad was amazingly hard working too. Indeed, one family story tells of an evening robbery: the shop was still open for business and my great grandad was having his tea in the back room.  A man suddenly threw a brick through the window and took off with some gold chains.  My great grandad gave chase, and indeed caught the thief, but not before putting on his jacket and hat – standards had to be maintained! Irritatingly, the scoundrel had thrown some of his ill-gotten gains into the river by the time my great grandad caught up with him. Another time, my father and grandad were in the shop when a thief ran off with a valuable Omega watch. They both chased after him going in different directions around the block and finally apprehended him and recovered the watch! There are lots of tales of things being stolen from the shop over the years, including one incredible story of coincidence which occurred when my great grandad’s nephew was in the trenches in WWI talking to a fellow soldier about home. The man told him that he had recently been to prison for pinching gold chains from a Truro jeweller! Anyway, with all these stories of chasing thieves who stole from our family shop, I wonder if perhaps my love of running is in my genes!

What’s on your bucket list?
Definitely travel.  I’ve recently been to Thailand which was amazing but would love to travel more of the world. New Zealand, Vietnam and Canada are very high on my bucket list!

Most famous person you have met / would most like to meet?
I’d love to meet Colin Firth!