Lucy Wilton

Meet Lucy Wilton, Solicitor at Penderlaw

We’re proud of our team at Penderlaw Solicitors. Both knowledgeable and friendly, they are at the heart of our firm, what we do and the service we provide. In the second of our Meet the Team series of blog posts, we introduce Lucy Wilton (nee Duffin), from our Private Client team who deal with matters concerning Wills, Trusts and Probate.  Lucy joined Penderlaw in 2015 as a legal assistant, qualifying as a solicitor in 2020. She was born in Hastings but moved to Cornwall at a very young age, so considers herself almost Cornish!   

Lucy Wilton supervises the Private Client team at Penderlaw and drafts Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and deals with the administration of Estates and Probate applications. She also carries out succession planning, advising on both lifetime and post-death arrangements. She is known for her knowledgeable, empathetic, and clear-sighted approach, supporting her clients in making informed decisions about their matter.

So, a few questions, some more sensible than others!

What’s the best thing about the job you do?
My role centres around problem solving and helping others.  The nature of Private Client work means that we often assist clients who are at a difficult point in life, or are anticipating facing this. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a client’s mind at rest and allaying their fears. I also love the variety of people that I get to speak with; from young families, to those who have plenty of life experience. No two days are the same!

What has surprised you about the job you do?
I never dreamt of a career in ‘death and taxes’, so it definitely came as a surprise when I completed several placements of work experience in different areas of law and decided that I was most passionate about Private Client work.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I originally wanted to be a journalist as I have always enjoyed writing. My work involves some heavy drafting and providing sometimes lengthy advice, so I suppose I am not too far out. I took A levels in both English and Law and decided to follow the legal path at that point.

What’s on your bucket list?
I am a home bird and I think that Cornwall takes some beating. That being said, I would like to travel some more – just not for too long! Australia and the USA have always been on my bucket list. I may have to wait until my little person is a bit older before braving the long flights though!

Proudest accomplishment?
Becoming a lawyer was a pretty big accomplishment, but I wouldn’t be a proper mum if I didn’t say that my proudest achievement is my son!

Most unusual item in your desk drawer?
I can often be heard asking my colleagues to share their snacks at about 3pm. I therefore usually have an entire bottom drawer full of yummy treats. My most recent secret Santa gift was a bag full to the brim of crisps, sweets and chocolate. Whoever it was knows me well!