Some silver linings to the coronavirus cloud

It has been such a gloomy time of it of late with never ending bad news about the spread of the coronavirus. Not to dismiss or diminish the terrible sacrifices and tragedies caused by coronavirus, we thought we’d try and come up with a few reasons to be cheerful in an effort to try to find some silver linings to the dark coronavirus cloud.

So, here are our thoughts and hopefully some reasons to be cheerful…

Maybe we’ll talk more rather than texting.
Texting is great but do you find that these days, if you get a phone call you think it’s someone calling in an emergency of some kind, rather than just for a chat? In these times of social distancing, perhaps we’ll begin to follow dear old Bob Hoskin’s advice on those 90s TV ads – ‘It’s good to talk!’ and speak to friends and family on the phone more often rather than just sending a brief text or social media message. Here’s a link to one of those old ads for the more nostalgic amongst you!

Good news for Greta (and the world).
With planes grounded and fewer people on the roads the air is possibly cleaner than it has been in a long time and it’s likely there are fewer road accidents than usual too. Admittedly, delivery drivers are working like crazy, but at least you’ll be in when they turn up with your parcel!

We’ll become more hygienic.
Washing our hands should be a basic routine but people are becoming more educated about how to do it effectively and more frequently. Perhaps it will keep us all healthier in the long term.

We’ll look out more for our elderly neighbours.
In rather than same way that the ‘Beast from the East’ did a couple of years ago, people are now checking in more with elderly neighbours and those who live alone to check that they have supplies and make sure they are ok.

We’ll be shopping locally and supporting businesses in our community.
Our local businesses need us more than ever. So why stock up at a supermarket when there’s a shop at the end of the road which is likely to go to the wall without your support?

We have a new respect for the Italians!
Watching the musical performances on the balconies of flats across Italy, one can’t but help be impressed by their spirit and musical talent. From DJs to music teachers and opera singers it’s been a sight and sound to bring joy to even the hardest of hearts and restore faith in the resilience of the human race.

The trade of wild animals should reduce.
The ‘wet markets’ and trade of wild animals has been identified as a possible source of the current pandemic. Wild animal markets have already been banned in China which has to be a good thing.

So, with any luck, our self-absorbed way of living will change, and our selfishness will be replaced by generosity and kindness to others in our communities. Perhaps a re-focusing on the more important aspects of life will make us come out the other side as better and hopefully happier human beings. Food for thought anyway…

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